Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive
Together We Thrive
Wings Across Alabama is the largest Mental Health Consumer-Ran Organization in Alabama. We are a “for us, by us” organization that deeply believes in healing that comes through shared experience. We offer peer support through an array of direct services.

Wings mission is to advance mental health policies and service to promote and support recovery.
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Support Groups
Support groups designed with peers’ mental health needs in mind but everyone in the community is encouraged to attend.
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Warm Line
1-844-99-WINGS (1-844-99-94647)
Call for NON-CRISIS peer support! A certified peer specialist will answer.
It is confidential and is available 7 days a week!
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Art Programs
We feel strongly that art, including creative writing, poetry, and visual art enhances recovery. We encourage you to submit your artwork to be showcased in one of our Artistic Expression Galleries.
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Thrival Stories
Mental health stigma comes in many forms. Exclusion, silence, and labeling are just a few. Sharing your personal story of THRIVAL can help end stigma and help bring communities together!!
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How May Wings Support You?


Action Planning for Prevention and Recovery

This free course will help you realize your full potential and help you plan to maintain recovery on your personal wellness journey.

What is Peer Support?

Learn about what Peer Support is, and how you can get involved.


Lady Liberty by Tammy Serio

Lady Liberty by Tammy Serio

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The Pillars of Power Series by Jeff Mitchell

The Pillars of Power Series by Jeff Mitchell

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